New Zealand divorces made easy

Divorce can be a difficult time in your life.  We make it easier.

At DivorceMe, we have stream-lined the process to reduce the cost, in terms of both time and money.  There is no need for sizable legal fees or solicitors dragging out the divorce process.

Our online form is designed for everyone.  There is no legal jargon.  Everything has been simplified to make the process easier for you.

We are currently only offering our services for joint applications.  These are signed by both parties to the marriage/civil union where neither party is opposed to the divorce. 

You will need to meet the following criteria for divorce:

At least one of you are living in New Zealand with the intention to live here indefinitely

You and the other applicant do not have children together who are under the age of 16 or require special care.

You are living apart

You have been living apart for at least two years

You agreed to separate at least two years ago

Your marriage or civil union has broken down irreconcilably

You can locate your spouse and they will agree to sign and post papers